We give you peace of mind with our friendly service

When you rent a property through Benchmark Lettings you can expect a friendly, professional service. All aspects of the letting process clearly explained, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the work that we do.

We provide reliable and timely repair services. You can expect to be fully informed and respected. We always keep in mind, that this is your home.


If you wish to report a maintenance issue or if you wish to apply for or discuss a property you have seen advertised:
Call: 0131 557 7519 or email: enquiries@benchmarkletttings.co.uk

If your call is urgent, out of normal working hours, please call our emergency number: 07879 444 079.

However, please note an emergency is where there is an immediate threat to life or property and therefore, cannot wait until the next working day.

A  Non-emergency may be charged to the tenant, Emergency Rates will apply.